Oct 312014

Earlier today, Radio Iowa published an article outlining why both Auditor candidates say they deserve your vote. Non-elected, incumbent Mary Mosiman still has no consistent reason why a CPA certification is necessary for the State Auditor. She has gone from saying the certification is required by law (false) to saying it would change how municipalities did audits (false) and now the excuse is that it would negatively effect employee retention (highly unlikely, probably false). There is no evidence any of these claims are true yet, she still continues to harp on this CPA issue.

So far there has been NO CLEAR or CONSISTENT reason the CPA certification is necessary or required. When combined with her concession that her audits are not designed to protect tax-payer dollars from fraud and waste the clear choice becomes Jon Neiderbach. This isn’t a question of which is the best of two bad choices. This is a question of which candidate will actually be our watchdog and do the job they are elected to do and which candidate will constrain Iowa by not holding Governor Branstad accountable. So far Mosiman has shown she won’t hold Branstad accountable. Jon has vowed to not just hold the governor accountable but to actively sniff our fraud, cronyism and ensure the government operates with business-like practices to run most efficiently and provide the most effective services to Iowans.

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Oct 312014
Jon speaks with voters in Davenport about the importance of making the educated choice for State Auditor in this Election.

Jon speaks with voters in Davenport about the importance of making the educated choice for State Auditor in this Election.

In a Quad City Times article earlier this week, Mary Mosiman said very directly, “Most every entity in the state is required to have an annual audit. That audit is not designed to catch fraud, but to ensure that the financial position of the government entities…” These kinds of statements highlight the dangers of electing the previously appointed, non-elected Auditor for a full 4-year term. It guarantees the government oh Iowa will not be held accountable, that valuable tax dollars will continue to be squandered on inefficiency and corruption and programs will not become more effective or efficient. THIS IS BAD FOR IOWA. To read the whole story, click the link below and be sure to share it with all your family and friends!


Oct 262014

One Iowan was kind enough to share his enthusiasm and support for Jon Neiderbach’s candidacy for State Auditor with the Ames Tribune. Read part of the story below or click the title to read the full article on the Ames Tribune website.

Oct 222014
Jon discussing his candidacy for State Auditor and his passion to shield taxpayer money from corruption and fraud on the Michael Devine Show

Jon discussing his candidacy for State Auditor and his passion to shield taxpayer money from corruption and fraud on the Michael Devine Show

TUESDAY- The day started out with a lively debate on the “Road to the Midterms” show with Robert Rees. A stark contrast was drawn between Jon and his opponent. It became clear that if Jon Neiderbach gets your vote for State Auditor come election day he will be the watchdog over your taxpayer dollars who will hold the Governor’s Office led by Governor Branstad accountable. Jon wants to have audits that adequately and accurately assess agency budgets to maximize their effectiveness and efficiently so they can provide higher qualiety services without trading off with hush money and secret settlement. The incumbent, Mary Mosman, said she believed her job, as Auditor, was to be a bookkeeper not to prevent fraud and protect your hard earned money.

The day continued with another studio session with Michael Devine out of Ft. Dodge where he thoroughly interrogated about his qualifications and his to improve the office’s efficiency to ensure agencies fairly and transparently use their taxpayer funded budgets. Jon’s commonsense, bipartisan analysis and approach was well received.


And down the campaign trail we continued to the Webster City Freeman Journal where Jon’s commonsense approach proved popular once more. Jon didn’t stop there, though. He decided it wasn’t complete until he spread his message to even more voters with a brief interview at KIMT-TV out of Mason City.

On November 4 think about how hard you work and elect Jon Neiderbach for State Auditor as your real watchdog.

Vote Neiderbach!

Oct 192014
Jon talks to a group gathered at Johnson's Reception in Elkader, IA.

Jon talks to a group gathered at Johnson’s Reception in Elkader, IA.

Elkader- Jon Neiderbach was one of the Democratic candidates invited to the Four County Dinner in Elkader, IA. Along with gubernatorial candidate Jack Hatch and his running mate, Monica Vernon,  Tom Miller (incumbent candidate for Iowa Attorney General) and others Jon captivated the audience with his ideas for State Auditor. Touching on issues like the lack of accountability, inefficiency and ineffectiveness of the current Auditor’s office, the prevalence of cronyism in the Branstad administration and the misappropriation of funding to pay for hush money and secret settlements Jon received wide ranging support in this northeast corner of Iowa.

Jon will keep our elected officials accountable. He will be the proactive watchdog the this state deserves and the law calls for.  Most importantly, Jon will return integrity to the Iowa Auditor’s Office lost by the reactionary audits that rely on whistle blowers to do the job of the Iowa Auditor instead of preventing scandal. Jon is a real Iowan with real solutions and the only candidate who is strong enough to hold our leaders accountable for their actions. Vote Jon Neiderbach for State Auditor on November 4!

Aug 282014

The State Auditor today released her report of state employee settlement agreements. The report is full of data, but it is grossly inadequate as it lacks any conclusions or recommendations. Iowa law provides that the State Auditor is supposed to make recommendations when needed to achieve greater simplicity, accuracy, efficiency, or economy, and once again she has not done that. Put another way, this is a report that a chief accountant would release, it is not a report worthy of the State Auditor’s office.

In addition to lacking recommendations, the report raises more questions then it answers. Is it normal in a workforce the size of our state government to have 2,679 grievances filed during the 4-year period? Is the frequency with which back-pay was ordered indicative of an efficient, business-like human resources system? What changes in policies and procedures could have reduced the total cost of the the 38 settlement agreements? And overall, do we have a problem in Iowa’s state government human resources system and if so what should be done to address it?

The report can be found at bit.ly/inadequatereport.  Please let me know what you think: send to neiderbachforiowa@gmail.com.


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Apr 232014

Our current State Auditor claims to be a “taxpayer’s watchdog”, but it is clear that she simply isn’t doing the job. An example: the 2013 audit of the Department of Administrative Services – the state agency that has been at the center of the recent scandals – was only three pages long. Yes, a three page audit of an agency with a budget of nearly $100 million and some of the most important responsibilities in state government. Unsurprisingly, this three page long audit entirely missed the secret “hush money” and other scandals it should have found and addressed. Our taxpayer money is wasted because the State Auditor doesn’t do her job.

Here are a few of the specific things I will do differently:

  • Do Thorough Audits – The current State Auditor looks at only a small sample of financial transactions and only talks to top officials. Many problems are missed. As your State Auditor, I will conduct thorough audits with insightful digging, and will talk not only to management but also with a staff and former employees in order to ferret out problems and issues for further investigation.
  • Do Complete Audits – Iowa law requires that every audit address not just finances but also assess a government entity’s efficiency, effectiveness, and whether it operates in a business-like manner, yet the current State Auditor rarely does this. As your State Auditor, I will ask tough questions about spending and efficiency, and will require every unit of Iowa government to develop and report on real measures of program effectiveness.
  • Fight for Transparent Government – As your State Auditor every audit will assess the audited entity’s compliance with Open Records and Open Meetings law. In addition, the State Auditor’s audit findings and recommendations for improvement will be easily found on the Internet, along with periodic updates allowing citizens to see how quickly recommendations are being implemented. 
  • Listen to Iowans – As your State Auditor I will continue visiting with Iowans across the state, seeking information on what is working well and what is not working so well in Iowa government. I strongly believe that taxpayers have a good sense of which programs and services are being run efficiently and effectively, and which are not. A good State Auditor needs to listen to this wisdom and integrate it into their decisions concerning where to put resources, and I will do so.
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Mar 182014

Six pages. Yes, six pages. That’s the length of the State Auditor’s audit report on the Iowa Department of Administrative Services – an agency with a total budget of close to $100 million – for FY 2012. Really only three pages, since one page is a cover, one page is blank, and one page is a list of staff who worked on the audit. No mention of employees being fired because of politics, and no mention of secret “hush money” payments paid to these fired employees. And of course the audit report lacks the legally required assessments of how efficiently or effectively the agency is being run, and whether it is operating according to law and in a businesslike manner. Just some minor points about financial reporting and capital asset inventories. Clearly…Iowa’s State Auditor is simply not doing the job.

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Dec 302013

We Iowans work hard for our money. We know that we need to pay taxes for schools, roads, and all the things government does. But we expect that government will be good stewards of our money, be efficient, achieve desired results, follow the law, and operate in a business-like manner. Indeed, our elected legislators have given the State Auditor the responsibility to make sure our expectations are being met, and to recommend solutions if they are not. Put another way, the State Auditor is required by law to every year look at all state government agencies and make sure they are being accountable to the taxpayers.

Unfortunately, we have a problem. Our current State Auditor was appointed by Governor Branstad when the elected State Auditor resigned. She has little experience watching over public money. She was a county auditor – an office very different from State Auditor – until Secretary of State Matt Schultz appointed her as his deputy. Her audits focus only on financial management, ignoring her legal responsibility to address critical topics such as efficiency, effectiveness, compliance with the law, and operating in a business-like manner. She simply isn’t doing the job. Our current State Auditor claims to be a “taxpayer’s watchdog”, but she is failing to do some of the most important parts of the State Auditor’s job.

Jon Neiderbach will change this. Jon has dozens of years of experience digging for problems, never shying away from uncomfortable questions or political hot potatoes. He worked for nearly 15 years providing clear, non-partisan analysis of government budgets and policies for Iowa legislators. Then he spent 14 years working as a management analyst in the Department of Human Services, helping use technology to improve Iowa’s child support system and making sure folks who got benefits they were not entitled to pay them back. Jon was asked to work on Governor Vilsack’s Redesign Research Team, helping to evaluate proposals for government redesign, and in 2008 he was asked to work in Governor Culver’s Rebuild Iowa Office.

Jon knows that being a REAL “taxpayer’s watchdog” means holding government accountable: as Iowa law requires, every annual audit must review efficiency, effectiveness, compliance with the law, and operation in a business-like manner. Jon knows that being a REAL “taxpayer’s watchdog” means – as Iowa law requires – identifying solutions to problems discovered by these audits. Jon knows being a REAL “taxpayer’s watchdog” means understanding that inefficiency, ineffectiveness, violations of law, and unbusiness-like practices are as much a threat to Iowans as problems with financial management. Jon knows that we need a State Auditor with proven experience working independent of politics, who will ignore party affiliation in the performance of their job.

Jon Neiderbach will be a Chief Accountability Officer for Iowa government. Please join our campaign!

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Oct 312013

The State Auditor is the “taxpayers’ watchdog”, responsible for finding situations where government is wasteful or inefficient, and sounding the alarm when programs aren’t delivering. The State Auditor’s job is to make government accountable. But our recent State Auditors have not examined the quality of management, the efficiency of operations, or the effectiveness of programs. They have allowed theft and fraud to go undiscovered for years, using clearly inadequate auditing procedures. And to make matters worse, recent State Auditors have gotten involved in politics: they have become spokespersons for Governor Branstad’s policies and rubber stamps for the political cronies he has appointed. As State Auditor I will ferret out bad management and inefficiency and carefully measure program effectiveness. I’ll look at the value taxpayers get for government spending. When there is a problem I’ll keep taxpayers informed. In short, I will be Iowa’s Chief Accountability Officer, a REAL “taxpayers’ watchdog”. If you have any questions or suggestions please call me at (515) 984-0021, or send me an email at realtaxpayerswatchdog@gmail.com. Thank you for your consideration. I hope to earn your support and your vote.

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